On being an Eco-Friendly Retailer

There are a lot of products that are ecologically friendly.

Arbutus Crafts promotes a few of them:

Bamboo Socks:

Most of the socks we sell are primarily made of cotton or bamboo, which are renewable resources. Man-made fibers are added to provide stretchability and wearability. Additional wearability means socks will last longer as they will not easily develop holes in toes or heels.

Socksmith bamboo floral motif women's novelty crew socks
"Bamboo in Bloom" Bamboo Women's Novelty Crew Socks by Socksmith
"Let's Get Fruity" Bamboo Women's Novelty Crew Socks by Socksmith

Travel Mugs:

The travel mugs we sell can be used with either hot or cold beverages. Using travel mugs instead of take-out coffee cups or cold drink plastic bottles will decrease the amount of single use containers ending up in landfills. Many people don’t realize that most take-out beverage cups cannot be fully recycled or composted because of their waxy coating. Although most plastic bottles are labelled as being recyclable, most recyclers do not actually recycle them as they are overloaded with that type of plastic and cannot find a market for it’s re-use, so even though they are put in blue bins to be recycled, they actually end up in landfills.

Cardinal Travel Mug
Ceramic Travel Mugs

Paper Straws:

Arbutus Crafts also sell paper straws. These can be composted in green bins. Plastic straws cannot easily be recycled as most recyclers will not accept them.

Tote & Polyester Shopping Bags:

Plastic one-use shopping or grocery bags will soon be banned. Tote bags and polyester folding shopping bags can be re-used many times and are washable. We sell them in many fun colours and styles. The polyester shopping bags come with their own pouch and can be tucked into a purse or car glove box so they can be ready for the next time you need them for an impromptu shopping trip. The totes are stronger, to be used when the intended contents are heavier.

Cute Reusable Fold Away Shopping Tote Bag
Monarch design on tote bag
Floral Tote Bags

Amazing Swedish Dishcloths:

The Amazing Swedish dishcloths were the subject of their own blog, so I won’t repeat it here, apart from the fact that they can replace multiple rolls of paper towels, can be washed in a washing machine many times and at the end of their long life can be composted in the green bin.

Golf Ball & Green Amazing Swedish Dishcloths
Sea turtles design Amazing Swedish Dishcloths

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